3-way heating technology

Kitchapps ingenious cyber cookers use modern 3-way heating technology to rip rice through 3 heat sinks: bottom heat tray, pot lid and electric wire around the stem. So when cooking heat is transferred from the bottom, top down and around the pot, the rice seeds are ripen slowly, from the inside, so that the rice is more delicious, avoid the phenomenon of rice crushed as other ordinary rice cookers

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3-way heating technology

Prepare cooked rice through 3 heaters from pot bottom, pot lid and wire around the stem

24 Cooking Functions

Automatic functions such as cooking rice, steaming, stewing, baking, yogurt....

Energy saving

Using advanced power saving technology, reducing electricity consumption, saving costs


Product Name   Ingenious cyber cooker 
Model   KIC-1288 (S2)
Power Consumption   860W
Capacity rating   5L / 1.8L
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