Water Purifier

Alkaline Water Technology

Hekami Alkaline Water Purifier provides the best water filtration technology through five filters and a booster pump. Not only does it produce clean water purifiers for drinking and living needs as usual water, but also utilizes the leading technology to create healthy water, which is alkaline.

Alkaline Water Technology

Neutralizing free radicals in the body, good for health

5 Core Filters

Water through 5 filters ensured the hygiene, eliminated substances and objects

Booster pump

The pressure of the water through the filter is strong, easy to use


ModelHekami water purifier 
RO Pump40P
Input Source220-240V
Consumption power24 W
Weight – water storage tank3,8 Kg
Weight – Water Purifier9,8 Kg
Total Weight14,6 Kg
Dimension (DxWxH)320mm x 190mm x 430mm
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